The 367 Association

The Association for ex-members of 367 Signals Unit (367SU),

367 Wireless Unit (367WU) and related establishments

RAF Little Sai Wan, Hong Kong

The insignia of 367 Signals Unit

Where are they now? We are looking for ex-367SU personnel.

The latest names added are in BLUE

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Below are listed the names of men who were part of 367 Signals Unit,

recalled by current Members of the Association.

Where are they now?

Doug "Taff" Goble (South Wales)
"Chippy" Carpenter (Surrey)
"Geordie" Pass *
Jimmy "Jock" Gibson *
Pete Bostock *
John Holborrow (Swindon)*

* played on the 367SU football teams.

LSW and Cape Collinson 1951 - 52

(Bob Shepherd RIP)

Bob Goodwill,  Bill Kingswell,  John Woods (Oldham), Pete Broadbent,  Jeff Price,  Colin Taylor,  Dick Roberts,  Eddie Gooch,  Joe Wilkinson

 LSW 1956 - 57  (Steve Clark)

Bert Hopkins, Bill Craster, Dave Cunningham, Billy Griffiths
Brian Hollis, Eric May, Frank McKenna, Fred Chater, Garry Woolf, Geoff Grice, Geordie Maughan, Gordon Fairley, Hughie Russell, Jimmy Houston, Joe Hickey, Johnny Duncan, Kenny Beard, Ken Harbour, Ken Richardson, Keith Phillips, Mick Kent, Mick Reilly, Monty McFaul, Paul Lynn, Peter Pennel, Phil Tester, Ray Williams, Reg Hardy, Sammy Bell, Jack (Scouse) Seymour, Taffy Davies, Ted Dawson, Terry Martin, Don McCormack, Tommy Tweddell

LSW 1953 - 56 (Albert Forsyth)


Bob 'Lasham/Lasham' (RAF/RAAF)

Dave Bridger, Sgt Kenny Kemp

BP and LSW 1959 - 61

(Brian Bartlett)

Ken Bourner, Pete McPhee, Charlie Gaffney, Charlie Lamplugh (RAAF) and Ken Roberts (LSW 1958-60).

(Jim Currie)


Cpl Chris Brown (Battys)

(Ron Baxter)


Reg King, Lou Johnson, Sammy Stellard, Ernie Gower, Moose Amos, Blondie White, Reg King,
Lou Johnson, Dave Cunningham

(Jimmy Houston 1953-65)


Cedric Smith

LSW 1958  (Brian Perry)


Ken Wade, Tom Cooney (LSW 1953-54).

(Jim Benny)


To ADD names to this list contact the Webmaster.

If you recognise your name then please get in touch with us via the 'Contact Us' page.

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